Making Homes Beautiful 1993

About Ramsha Carpets

Ramsha Carpets Journey started in 1993 with faith in preserving & nurturing the artisan’s crafts, Since then Ramsha Carpets have come a long way to become a full-fledged Manufacturer. Now Ramsha Carpets has more than 300 employees and exports to 65 countries around the globe. We have our in-house production units where we produce high-quality Handmade Rugs and Home Decor Products. We have our in-house experienced carpet designing team and easy-to-use interactive carpet customization software that helps clients’ visions turn into reality.

Our Story

Since its Foundation, We Focused on continuous hard work, passion, and consistent improvement with providing excellent customer service in the carpet industry over the years now we are glad to Lead in Carpet Manufacturing.


The team is focused not only on meeting but also exceeding the clients’ expectations. Delivering a very high quality combined with customer service excellence is one of the company’s guidelines. 

We ensure you get the highest quality rugs!

A carpet can dramatically change a living and working space it can be a reflection of the theme, harmonizing and pulling together disparate elements of a room or creating a bold contrast. To make sure your carpet is absolutely right for your space, the size, color, and design need to be chosen carefully. It’s a personal choice that requires expertise and guidance. 


Quality is one of the few features that never go out of style. Since its foundation, Ramsha has put all its efforts & hard work all together to make sure that clients are provided with the highest quality carpets and rugs.



Ramsha Carpets has always been at the forefront of innovation and has helped to develop, alongside buyers, some of the most advanced production techniques that exist nowadays.